The Band


AC/DC - that household name stood for 100% pure Rock'n'Roll in the past days. Thoroughly honest and uncompromising, brutaly loud and straight forward no frills. Always presented in rebellious live shows which were bursting with energy. STINGER dont just copy and play AC/DC songs - this brand new super group celebrates the origin of it's idolized band with reverent respect! Founded in 2016 rhythm guitarist and bandleader Matthew Sting gathered the nation's hard-bitten elite to conquer the stages of clubs and halls which can withstand that unconditional energy from beginning 2017. Beside well known classics like "T.N.T.", "Highway To Hell","Whole Lotta Rosie" or "Let There Be Rock", the real fan doesn't find a sequence of the band's "Best Of", but instead they can find an exquisite selection and variety of songs originally famous for their ripping ambiguous lyrics which will make them snivelling quietly in their "Bon Scott Memorial Shirts". Instruments and equipment from the 1960's and 1970's guarantee the authentic AC/DC sound. Plain and honest, full and deep just like back then. A rhythm section of drums, bass and Gretsch guitar which dont play songs but celebrate riffs. An Angus-clone dressed in a too tight schooluniform devotedly playing the blues virulent shrieking. A live wire crossing the stage doing the duckwalk and who's giving proverbial the shirt off his back. A singer who is an optical lookalike and "vocal-soundalike" - it would be simply a waste if you closed your eyes to think of Bon Scott on stage again. Without losing authenticity STINGER rocks the setlist enthusiastically so that the audience is willĂ­ngly electrified. A passionate and impulsive wall of sounds and storms on the stage to set your teeth on edge - making STINGER a "Must See" for every AC/DC fan of the Bon Scott era.








Rhythm Guitar


Lead Guitar